Indoor vs outdoor basketballs

When you are about to go play the game with friends the first thing you need to know is on what kind of court you and your teammates are going to play, this knowledge will let you pick the best ball that is designed for a specific court and offers best performance. We are not […]

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Cleveland awaits for loud victories as the king returned

The industrial cities in the United States are enough, but from all other it is possible to allocate Cleveland as a sample of an ordinary-looking landscape with thin streets and industrial productions from which for some reason there is a wish to leave quicker. Perhaps, the only pride of residents of the megalopolis is native, […]

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3 Basketball Legends – Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Julius Erving

The Legend of Wilt Chamberlain About great and mighty… Wilt Chamberlain!!! Once you look at statistics and numerous records of Chamberlain to understand, this player means to basketball much. At first sight on the book of records of NBA can seem that there some typographical error – Wilt’s achievements look so improbable. Nevertheless, all this […]

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Couple tips on playing effective defense

Hello dear visitors of our site! Today I want to share with you the supervision and conclusions received as a result of aspiration to improve the game in protection. So it developed that the first some years of game in basketball (mainly on street platforms) my game in protection consisted in continuous attempts to cover […]

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Importance of learning to pass the ball

The players paying attention to passing can expect good results. “Excellent pass!” It is possible, it is the best praise which the player can receive on a platform. Usually it means that your team mate increased the account. The good, timely pass is similar to a smile; the best that it is possible to make […]

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Learn to shoot basketball from scratch

Coach asked, and we – made it! Before you to how to jump, fly on a platform and to throw three-point shoot – call a short course of basketball, introduction to game, the guide as want. The sea of useful videos and councils for all those who wants to learn to play the best ball […]

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