Cleveland awaits for loud victories as the king returned

The industrial cities in the United States are enough, but from all other it is possible to allocate Cleveland as a sample of an ordinary-looking landscape with thin streets and industrial productions from which for some reason there is a wish to leave quicker. Perhaps, the only pride of residents of the megalopolis is native, Cleveland Cavaliers basketball club. And it is not a shame to citizens with it yet. It is their national pride and hope for the best times. To be convinced of sincerity of the told words it is necessary to visit at first at least San Francisco and already then, on an easy wave, with pleasant feelings to go in stagnant Cleveland.


Modern stadium, the small river with the Indian name and plants

At some, stray tourists the first impression about the city develops such – a continuous industrial zone. One “picturesque” landscape changes another. Among the faceless, high, ferroconcrete benefits of a civilization – high buildings and bridges, Quicken Loans Arena was stretched. On the one hand the small river with the frightening name of Cuyahoga, plus industrial production, and with another – the above-mentioned city stuffed with ordinary-looking skyscrapers inertly flows.

But, not everything is so hopeless. Cleveland adjoins to one of five Great Lakes – Erie. There is a beautiful beach with yellow sand and nice harbor with a small beacon here. If to look at the city in the evening, from the coast of the lake when all city fires are visible – that gloomy thoughts gradually disappear and to a look other picture, than appears absolutely in the afternoon.

Sports history of Cleveland

The above-mentioned stadium is training base for “Cleveland Brauns” – teams on the American soccer. It is necessary the main sports arena and for basketball farm-club ” Canton Charge”. It is possible to tell about a football team that slightly more than half a century back it won a champion’s title, and still only for the city. Two victories on baseball in a World series won “Indians” actually are forgotten long ago. When it was. In far the 20th and 40th the past century. Today for hearing Lebron James’s and Co game in the final of National Basketball League – 2007 where Larry O’Brien it happened to glance at a gold cup and almost at once to forget as opposed to “San Antonio”. Now Cleveland in a long waiting mode. More than half a century.

Loud victories are waited from “Cleveland Cavaliers”. The high-rise, multistoried tower in the downtown Tower-City (other name the Station tower) can burn with bright illumination in the evenings. Everything depends on celebration degree. In final days, even she tries to support favorite club, lighting up with patriotic claret-golden fires. On the top point of the building two flags develop. One star-spangled, and another is slightly lower – a panel of national club.

The King returned and people are glad

Residents of Cleveland obviously do not have events, long-legged beauties in bikini and the roast scorching the sun. Finally, to go mad on the sports soil it was a trifle. When Lebron in the 2010th took up under offer of “Miami Heat” the angered fans amicably burned down his sports shirts, and four years later with the same unsportsmanlike passion in large quantities bought up the new. And today the main sight of the city is the huge banner board devoted to James’s return. Many thousands Quicken Loans Arena waiting for duel of “Cleveland Cavaliers” – “Golden State Warriors”. The duel promises to be uncompromising.

As of now we know that Kyrie Irving is leaving the Cavs, people are having doubts about the future, but let’s hope we will get a nice player by trading Kyrie. Anyway we want to say a big thank you Kyrie for all these years you spent here, good luck!