3 Basketball Legends – Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Julius Erving

The Legend of Wilt Chamberlain

Wilt ChamberlainAbout great and mighty… Wilt Chamberlain!!!
Once you look at statistics and numerous records of Chamberlain to understand, this player means to basketball much. At first sight on the book of records of NBA can seem that there some typographical error – Wilt’s achievements look so improbable. Nevertheless, all this truth. Chamberlain – the only basketball player of NBA who scored more than 4000 points in one season. Four highest achievements in all the history of League in the points made per game belong to Wilt’s hands: twice it gathered on 73 points, onetime 78 and 100. Besides, 118 times for the career it scored more than 50 points, 271 times more 40. 50,4 points on average for game – are a productivity record during the season. Anybody even never close approached such number. One more mad record: He spent 48,5 minutes on the court same year. No, NBA games at that time lasted as much, as well as now – 48 minutes – simply Wilt played without interruption all quarters and if it was necessary, with overtimes, in each game! He had a rest in this season only 6 minutes. About what working capacity and endurance tell these figures! Records of Association on selections are also held by Chamberlain: He made 55 points in one game, 27,2 points for game made in one of seasons and 22,9 – for all career. 11 seasons from the 14 in League it was in the lead in selections. The first seven years in a row was the leader in productivity. Once was even on the first place in NBA in assists (8,6 transfers for game), such it was not possible to any center. Chamberlain possesses still a huge set of various records, beginning from percent of hit of throws and finishing with the only thing for all history a “double” triple-double (in one of games Wilt managed to gather 22 points, 25 selections and 21 transfers).

The Legend of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Kareem Abdul-JabbarKarim Abdul-Jabbar who till twenty-four years was called Lew Alcindor, was born in New York on April 16, 1947. Excellent proved as a part of a basketball team of the Californian university of Los Angeles, he in 1969 was invited in “Milwaukee by Bucks” which supported six seasons. Having height of 218 cm and the weight of 121 kg, Abdul-Jabbar completely dominated over rivals under both boards. Crown reception at it was bright a hook when Karim got a ball on the line of three second zones, with blow entered it, pushing aside the defender the powerful case, and, having brought a hand far aside and up, sent a ball to a ring. Having won v1971 to year as a part of “Milwaukee Bucks” a NBA champion title, after a season of 1974-1975 Abdul-Jabbar passed into “Los Angeles Lakers” and continued to play for the Californian club within fourteen years before the completion of the career. In structure “Lakers” it five more times became the champion of NBA. Having spent to NBA in total twenty seasons, Abdul-Jabbar left active basketball only at the age of 42 years. In his career, he established some records of Association which remain unsurpassed to this day: scored 38387 points in the regular championships from which hammered 31674 points from game, carried out on a platform of 57446 minutes game time, played 237 games in final series, having played them 8851 minute, scored 4712 points from game and made 476 blocked shots.

The Legend of Julius Erving

Julius ErvingJulius Erving taking the leading positions in lists of the best players of both – American and National – Basketball Associations, was born in the city Roosevelt, the State of New York, on February 22, 1950. This two-meter forward who got on the first letter of the name the nickname Doctor Jay opened the new page in the history of basketball development, having nearly completely transferred game from a platform to air. Ideally owning own body, it could hang for some seconds in a jump, keeping full coordination of movements, beat any rival, and then without hindrances to put an exact throw or to give a sharp pass. Especially Irving loved, having flown by in a jump through all three-second zone, to strike a ring from above, delighting this reception millions of fans.