Learn to shoot basketball from scratch

Coach asked, and we – made it! Before you to how to jump, fly on a platform and to throw three-point shoot – call a short course of basketball, introduction to game, the guide as want. The sea of useful videos and councils for all those who wants to learn to play the best ball game.

The interest in basketball usually begins with hit a ball in a basket. Do not lose this pleasure, learn to hammer from under a ring, then from two steps… But after that it is worth reflecting, what elements to master to become the “correct” basketball player. We will not allow you to start missing – we will not hammer all the plan of trainings with boring working off of stops and turns. But in general, not to do without it because the correct work of feet, the habit to stand strong, not to trip, not to take excess steps, quickly and correctly to change the direction of the movement – is absolute must for the basketball player. Plus, of course, dribbling and pass.

Generally, to start a basketball way “School 2.0” recommends exercises on working off of the following skills:

  • 1. Shooting
  • 2. Work of feet
  • 3. Passing
  • 4. Maintaining

Make two-three tens training, combining exercises from the following list, and you will notice real progress. Begin each training from 2-4 minutes of quiet run and such articulate warm-up:

Exercises are carried out one behind another without stopping.

  • 1. Warm-up of shoulders. Get up directly and extend hands in the parties. Do roundabouts by straight arms of 10 times forward, then 10 times back.
  • 2. Warm-up of a basin. Put hands on a belt, feet on width of shoulders. Carry out rotations in a coxofemoral joint as though you twist a hoop, on 10 times in each party.
  • 3. Warm-up of a back. Bend hands in elbows and press to a breast, feet on width of shoulders. Do rotations in a waist till 5-10 times in each party.
  • 4. Warm-up of knees. Get up exactly, feet together. Sit down a little and put hands on knees. Then carry out rotary motions knees, helping itself hands. Make on 10 times in each party.
  • 5. Warm-up of an ankle. Put hands on a belt. Put one foot on a sock a little behind yourself. Resting against toes, make 10 rotations in an ankle joint in each party, then change a foot.
  • 6. Knee-bends. At the end make 5 deep knee-bends, without tearing off a heel from a floor and having extended hands before itself.


Get used to throw at once correctly – one hand (the second can only hold a ball), with the return turning. The forearm perpendicular to a floor, a hand is straightened completely, the brush “is closed”. Listen as the ball blows up a grid – it is a high.